Taylor v. Paradise Missionary Baptist Church

Charles Taylor appealed a court order finding he was rightfully removed as the pastor of the Paradise Missionary Baptist Church ("PMBC"). By 2012, PMBC's membership of 16 persons had fractured into 2 groups. It is alleged that the congregation had become dissatisfied with Taylor's service as pastor at PMBC and that Taylor and his close relatives had "started taking over the church" and were behaving in such a way as to have "forced other members from attending church." Taylor headed one group of eight church members, and Lenora Ray, a church trustee and co-founder, headed the other group of eight church members. After review of this matter, the Alabama Supreme Court determined the trial court lacked subject-matter jurisdiction to decide whether Taylor’s dismissal as Pastor of PMBC was valid, and therefore reversed and remanded. View "Taylor v. Paradise Missionary Baptist Church" on Justia Law